about us

Step & Stride launched into the market in 1970 and quickly gained the trust of moms across the U.S. Now, built on the same promise of fashionable shoes for babies at a reasonable price, Step & Stride returns with an eye for fresh & modern trends. The product design has mass appeal but the identifiable, proprietary technology and use of Ortholite® in each style are distinct signs of quality and innovation; setting Step & Stride above the competition in today's baby and toddler footwear market.

The Magic Inside

How do we make footwear magic? True Magicians never reveal their secrets, but we can tell you that it all starts with smart technology, innovation design, and cool, contemporary detailing

From fashionable styles designed for every occasion, to cool magic touches like removable insoles and unique flexible outsoles that complement the foot's natural movements, we put a little bit of "wow" into every shoe we make.

History & Timeline



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